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Title: Ethnic designer component of clothes' decoration techniques using embroidery
Authors: Slavinska, Alla
Syrotenko, Oksana
Zasornova, Iryna
Zasornov, Alexander
Keywords: embroidery technology;ethno design;ornament report;canvas;cruciform element;scaling;embroidery machine;mosaic graph;program editor
Issue Date: Oct-2019
Publisher: Vlakna a textil (Fibres and Textiles)
Citation: Ethnic designer component of clothes' decoration techniques using embroidery / A. Slavanskaya, O. Syrotenko, I. Zasornova, A. Zasornov // Vlakna a Textil. – 2019. – Vol. 26(4). – P. 69–83.
Series/Report no.: 26(4), 2019;
Abstract: The problem of incorporating the embroidery of ethno designer's clothing into the technology of decorating clothes is investigated. The technique of adaptation of the sign system of ornaments to the technological support of machine embroidery is developed taking into account the concept of regional differences in the national costume of Podillya. The mechanism of scaling the size of the report of the cross-member element in accordance with the characteristics of the canvas groups is investigated. A project-design of ribbon ornament compositions on the details of Podillya shirts and modern women's costume using the “Inkscape” program has been developed. It was established that the construction of a geometric ornament according to the laws of symmetry provides technical conditions for the creation and testing of the quality of the embroidery ornament in accordance with the contours of parts of garments in graphic editor of Draw Ltd
ISSN: 2585-8890
metadata.dc.type: Стаття
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