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Title: Simulation model of the morphological field of data for constructing a universal design of trousers
Authors: Slavinska, Alla
Syrotenko, Oksana
Mytsa, Victoriia
Dombrovska, Oksana
Keywords: cluster;size-based attributes;universal design;structural zones;gains;morphologic field
Issue Date: 24-Feb-2020
Publisher: Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies
Citation: Simulation model of the morphological field of data for constructing a universal design of trousers / A. Slavinska, O. Syrotenko, O. Dombrovska, V. Mytsa // Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies. - 2020. - Vol. 1, No 1 (103). - P. 52-61. DOI: 10.15587/1729-4061.2020.192590
Abstract: The reported research into the influence of a database on the processes of universal design formation has established a mechanism for the interactive application of clusters of size-based attributes. It has been proven that the typological series of a structural size characterizes a conditional standard body figure of the youth type. This has made it possible to determine the mobility of structural zones in accordance with the morphological features of a body structure at the stages of forming the base for a design. Our experimental study has confirmed that the boundaries of functional sections in the grouping of structural zones are governed by the variability of gains by the basic structural points. That leads to the poly-variance of the pelvic section when forming properties for the proportionality of trousers. Specifically, it has been established that due to identifying the similarity of structures based on a scaling ratio, the adequacy of a database is improved by coordinating the information base for constructing structural zones. This allows us to assert the reliability of the mechanism that forms clusters within an anthropometric database, as well as practical attractiveness of the proposed interactive design technology. It has been shown that the variance in gains ensures decomposition of the closed contour of a part at the points of change in functional sections, which is the advantage of the current research. We have shown the prospects for extending the range of morphological types based on the age-trait biodynamics of functional movements. Thus, there are grounds to assert the possibility of targeted control over the processes that form a universal design by employing an integrated database that combines the clusters of size-based attributes, gains, as well as a structural zones nomenclature.
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