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Title: Development of an adaptive method for regulating corset comfort based on the parameters of design zones identification
Authors: Slavinska, Alla
Syrotenko, Oksana
Mytsa, Victoriia
Dombrovska, Oksana
Keywords: comfort of a corset;morphological type;modeling effect;design zone;adaptive method
Issue Date: 13-Oct-2020
Publisher: Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies
Citation: Development of an adaptive method for regulating corset comfort based on the parameters of design zones identification / A. Slavinska, O.Syrotenko, V. Mytsa, O. Dombrovska // Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies. 2020. Vol 5, No 1 (107). рр. 71-81. DOI: 10.15587/1729-4061.2020.211997
Abstract: The influence of modeling effect of the structural zones of a corset for everyday purposes on ensuring its comfort was studied. It was established that the design structure of a corset varies significantly, depending on the magnitude of the modeling effect on different torso sections. At the same time, the mechanism of application of zonal anthropometric correction of a torso varies depending on the comfort of materials. It was proved that morphological parameters of the women’s torso zones affect the methods and parameters of the formation of the typical segmentation of a corset. Due to this, it became possible to substantiate analytically the ergonomic parameters of modeling effect in the «corset – torso» system for interactive designing the silhouette structures. Experimental studies proved the dispersion of the points of structural zones in the ranges of morphological types. It was shown that the rational variant of the combination of technological modules ensures a dimensional transformation of corset zones by means of grouping. In particular, the prospects of adaptation of the combined shape of a corset to the individual figure type were revealed. This makes it possible to assert the possibility of adaptive regulation of the feeling of comfort in a corset by combining zonal-modular models of anthropometric features and transformation of modeling effects in technological modules. It was shown that the technological module of a bustier cup provides the polyvariance of the breast volume through vertical and horizontal segmentation. The technological module of a belt-corset, in addition to the properties of the basic fabrics, takes into consideration frame elements. This results in fixing the desired modeling effect. Thus, there are some grounds to argue that the introduction of a new type of corset design will increase the productivity of design works. The practical comfort of the proposed technological solutions will ensure the reduction of the number of corset types and sizes, which in terms of comfort are universal for adjacent sizes
UDC: 687.016:658.512
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