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Title: Assessment model of regions’ economy in the context of their sustainable development
Authors: Hryhoruk, P.M.
Khrushch, N.A.
Grygoruk, S.S.
Григорук, Павло Михайлович
Хрущ, Ніла Анатоліївна
Григорук, Світлана Сергіївна
Григорук, П.М.
Хрущ, Н.А.
Григорук, С.С.
Keywords: sustainable development;regions' economic development;composite index;comprehensive assessment technology
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Hryhoruk P. Assessment model of regions’ economy in the context of their sustainable development [Електронний ресурс] / P. Hryhoruk, N. Khrushch, S. Grygoruk // E3S Web of Conferences. – 2020. – No 166. – paper number 13023. – Режим доступу: . – doi:
Abstract: Currently realizing the new active role of the region as a sustainable development entity is a strategic direction for regional policy's development. Assessing the sustainable development of regions is an important part of such a policy and facilitates the timely identification of internal and external threats, the development of the necessary stabilization measures to prevent their negative impact, and the formation of strategies aimed at the sustainable functioning of regional systems. The economic system is an important subsystem of the region. The article proposes an approach to assess the level of regions economic development in the context of ensuring its sustainable development. It is based on comprehensive assessment technology. The sustainable economic development composite index is calculated by a weighted additive convolution of partial indicators. A feature of the proposed approach is the simultaneous use of both metric and non-metric indicators. The metric component is used to calculate the composite index values. Weight coefficients are calculated by the principal component method using the factor loadings of the first principal component. The non-metric part of the initial data is used to refine these weights. The article describes the algorithm for calculating a composite index. The practical testing of the proposed approach is presented for the case Ukraine's regions. The results lead to the conclusion about significant problems in ensuring sustainable development of the regional economy. Outcomes obtained are very helpful for the public administration bodies to develop and revise the appropriate policy for solving the sustainable development problems in each region
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