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Title: Creation of nanostructures on zirconium alloys
Authors: Kostyuk, G.I.
Bruiaka, O.O.
Kostyuk, E.G.
Keywords: nanostructures;zirconium alloys;ions;nanocluster
Issue Date: 16-Sep-2020
Publisher: Khmelnytskyi National University
Citation: Kostyuk G. I. Creation of nanostructures on zirconium alloys / G. I. Kostyuk, O. O. Bruiaka, E. G. Kostyuk // Modern Achievements of Science and Education : Proceeding of XV Іnternational Conference, September 16-23, 2020, Netanya (Israel). – Khmelnytskyi : KhNU, 2020. – P. 88–90.
Abstract: It is shown that it is possible to obtain layers of nanostructures of sufficient size up to 0.1 mm by varying the energy of ions, its varieties and charges. To reduce the probability of passing unnecessary reactions can be used zirconium ions and niobium, it’s presents in the zirconium alloy Zr1Hb. Considering the neutrality of materials to water, oxygen and other reagents, you can choose the cheapest ions of heavy metals for the treatment of zirconium alloys.
ISBN: 978-966-330-378-9
UDC: 001+378
Content type: Стаття
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