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Title: Diagnosing the negative psycho-emotional states among students
Authors: Vasylenko, Olena
Komar, Taisiia
Pilishek, Svitlana
Posvistak, Olesia
Potapchuk, Yevhen
Keywords: psycho-emotional state;students;diagnostics;higher educational establishment;psychoprophylaxis
Issue Date: Mar-2020
Publisher: Revista Romaneaska pentru Educatie Multidimensionala
Citation: Vasylenko O., Komar T., Pilishek S., Posvistak O., Potapchuk Ye. Diagnosing the negative psycho-emotional states among students // Revista Romaneaska pentru Educatie Multidimensionala. 2020. Vol. 12, Iss. 1. P. 39-52. Doi:10.18662/rrem/198
Abstract: The article deals with the problem of diagnostics of negative psycho-emotional states among students. The research done demonstrates that during the period of study at higher educational establishment students often experience states of stress, depression, apathy, fear, asthenia, rigidity, anxiety, aggression, frustration, etc. Such states are predetermined by the fact that new conditions of student’s life lead to defensive reactions to various kinds of threats: threat to positive outcome of an important activity, threat to life, threat to well-being, threat to prestige. Negative psycho-emotional states affect various spheres of young people’s lives and lead to a deterioration of their wellness, health condition as well as to the rise of psychosomatic and psychoneurological diseases. In order to get a better understanding of peculiarities of development and expression of negative psycho-emotional states the diagnostic research of all students at Khmelnytskyi National University whose major is Psychology has been done. The findings demonstrate that starting the first days of study at university the students undergo the effects of various negative psycho-emotional states such as: depressed mood, sadness, anxiety, concern, decreased intellectual productivity, unreasonable malaise, intermittent sleep, decreased working ability. However, while studying at university, they learn gradually to overcome and control their negative emotions and experiences. The findings also demonstrate that not all students, even in their final year of study, succeed in it. Therefore, the need to apply methods and means of psychoprophylaxis of negative psycho-emotional states among students has been developed and substantiated.
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