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Title: A flat contact problem the interaction two prestressed stripes with an infinite stringer
Authors: Dikhtyaruk, N.N.
Poplavskaya, E.A.
Keywords: linearezed theory of elasticity;initial (residual) stresses;initial deformations;prestressed elastic strip;transformation of Fourier
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Khmelnytskyi National University
Citation: Dikhtyaruk, N. N. A flat contact problem the interaction two prestressed stripes with an infinite stringer [Текст] / N. N. Dikhtyaruk, E. A. Poplavskaya // Problems of tribology. – 2019. – Vol. 24, No. 94/4. – P. 40-48.
Abstract: The article is devoted to the research of problems of contact interaction of infinite elastic stringer with two identical clamped along one edge of pre-stressed strips. In general, the research was carried out for the theory of great initial and different variants of the theory of small initial deformations within the framework of linearized theory of elasticity with the elastic potential having arbitrary structure. The integral integer-differential equations are obtained using the integral Fourier transform. Their solution is represented in the form of quasiregular infinite systems of algebraic equations. In the article alsaw was investigated the influence of the initial (residual) stresses in strips on the law of distribution of contact stresses along the line of contact with an infinite stringer. The system is solved in a closed forms using transformation of Fourier. Expressions of stresses are represented by Fourier integrals with a simple enough structure. Influence of initial stress on the distribution of contact stresses is study and discovered the mechanical effects under the influence of concentrated loads.
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