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dc.contributor.authorStechyshyna, N.M.-
dc.contributor.authorStechyshyn, M.S.-
dc.contributor.authorMartyniuk, A.V.-
dc.identifier.citationStechyshyna, N.M. Fuel of the keeping needs of the energy discharge during nitrogen on the tribological characteristics of the design steel 45 [Текст] / N. M. Stechyshyna, M. S. Stechyshyn, A. V. Martyniuk // Problems of tribology. – 2019. – Vol. 24, No. 94/4. – P. 6-12.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractThe effect of power discharge category W in BATR on tribological characteristics of nitrous steel 45 is investigated in the work. The highest wear resistance of steel 45 corresponds to mode 7, which provides optimum physico-chemical characteristics of the nitrided layer. The ratio of the intensities of the passage of the main BATR subprocesses determines the structure and phase composition of the nitrided layers. Depending on the current combination of parameters of the mode of formation of the nitrided layer, the intensity of the flow of the above subprocesses (nitride formation, sputtering and diffusion saturation of the surface with nitrogen), and therefore the intensity of the formation of certain phases may be different, and sometimes reverse. For example, as the energy of the incident stream W increases, the pre-formed nitride layer is sprayed, which stimulates the process of nitrogen diffusion into the metal base and the formation of ε and γ - phases. When the flow energy is insufficient to atomize the nitride layer, it acts as a kind of barrier that impedes or completely stops the process of nitrogen diffusion. It is established that the decrease in the specific discharge power leads to a decrease in the thickness of the nitride and diffusion zones and, as a consequence, the tribological characteristics deteriorate. It is revealed that at the maximum values of energy parameters, a nitrous containing layer is formed ε, γ і α - phase. The decrease in voltage and current density causes the particle to increase γ - pfase (Fe4N) and according to the reduction of the share ε - phase (Fe2N). At minimum values of energy parameters of formation of nitrides on the surface is absent and the nitrided layer consists only of α - phase.uk_UA
dc.publisherKhmelnytskyi National Universityuk_UA
dc.subjectnitriding in glow dischargeuk_UA
dc.subjectcurrent density,uk_UA
dc.subjectdry frictionuk_UA
dc.subjectspecific power of the energy discharge in the chamberuk_UA
dc.titleFuel of the keeping needs of the energy discharge during nitrogen on the tribological charauk_UA
Appears in Collections:Problems of Tribology = Проблеми трибології - 2019 рік

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