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Title: International Ranking and Clustering Systems in Complex Evaluation of Demographic and Migration Processes
Authors: Vasylkivskyi, Dmytro
Nesterenko, Svetlana
Kvasnytska, Raisa
Lapshyn, Ihor
Keywords: demographic situation;migration;cluster analysis
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Springer Nature Switzerland AG
Citation: International Ranking and Clustering Systems in Complex Evaluation of Demographic and Migration Processes / S. Nesterenko, D. Vasylkivskyi, R. Kvasnytska, I. Lapshyn // Modern Development Paths of Agricultural Production. Trends and Innovations. – Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 2019. – P. 493-506.
Abstract: Difficult demographic situation in Ukraine that threatens national security, especially in the socio-economic sphere, attaches great importance to the development of the concept of demographic growth and the appropriate mechanism for its implementation. The article aims to develop a methodological principles and approaches to statistical analysis of demographic indicators that determine the main factors that make significant impact on demographic situation in the regions of Ukraine and define the impact on regional international situation. To achieve it, the author has analyzed the demographic development of the country and its regions based on the method of ranging and comprehensive evaluation using the cluster analysis method. Demographic trends of migratory and natural population movement in Ukraine and its regions have been compared and classified on the basis of comprehensive evaluation of demographic situation. Statistical data demonstrated that Ukraine and its regions are characterized by sharp differences in the matter of demographics. The best demographic situation is in the West and South parts of Ukraine, the worst is in the East and North parts of Ukraine. It mainly influences natural and migratory movement of population.
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