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Title: Нечітка продукційна модель оцінки визначального параметра методу випадково-спрямованого пошуку збалансованого стану ротора
Other Titles: Fuzzy decision-making system for the estimating the definitive parameter for method of accidentally directed search of balanced rotor state
Authors: Драч, І.В.
Ройзман, В.П.
Drach, I.
Royzman, V.
Keywords: ротор;змінний дисбаланс ротора;метод випадково-спрямованого пошуку збалансованого стану ротора;нечітка продукційна модель;rotor;variable rotor imbalance;method of accidentally directed search of balanced rotor state,;fuzzy decision-making system
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Хмельницький національний університет
Citation: Драч І. В. Нечітка продукційна модель оцінки визначального параметра методу випадково-спрямованого пошуку збалансованого стану ротора [Текст] / І. В. Драч, В. П. Ройзман // Вимірювальна та обчислювальна техніка в технологічних процесах. – 2019. – № 1. – С. 10-15.
Abstract: Пропонована робота присвячена розробленому методу випадково-спрямованого пошуку збалансованого стану ротора зі змінним дисбалансом; досліджено основні умови, чинники і етапи проектування системи оцінки визначального параметра збалансованого стану ротора на основі алгоритмів нечіткого виводу та баз знань нечітких продукцій. Експериментальна перевірка адекватності нечіткої моделі проводились на пральній машині “Айша”, що має типову конструкцію, притаманну більшості сучасних пральних машин з вертикальним завантаженням білизни.
The essence of the accidentally directed search method is when the machine with a variable imbalance is released to the operating mode (for example, a spin in washing machines), vibrations are measured, and when their permissible level is exceeded, the machine is switched off and transferred to a rinse mode, in which the redistribution of linen is carried out, after which the exit procedure is repeated and so until the case of a ‘good distribution’ of the mass (location of laundry) occurs and vibration will be within the limits set by the technical conditions. In this case, the machine is ‘allowed’ to perform a technological operation (spin-off). At each cycle of the set of speed, the machine goes out with a probability p. The number of cycles of the set of velocities, which must be performed without going out, is subject to the geometric distribution law with the parameter p. The parameter p is by its nature an indefinite quantity, which is influenced both quantitatively and and qualitative indicators: the type of washing machine, the accidental location of linen in the drum, the actual amount of laundry in the drum, etc. To assess this parameter, it is necessary to conduct a large number of experiments, which is associated with significant labor costs, time and resources. In addition, testing the obtained estimates is possible only for a limited number of types of rotary systems with their own specific properties. As a result, the methods of mathematical modeling of estimating the equilibrium of the rotor are of crucial importance. When modeling real-world decision-making tasks in this form, we have an unclear description of factors in the form of linguistic variables. In this work the features of the accidentally directed search of a balanced state of a rotor with a variable imbalance for the selection of the main factors in the design of a system for evaluating the parameter of a balanced state of a rotor based on unclear output algorithms and knowledge bases of unclear products are investigated; the logical- linguistic model of the estimation of the parameter of the balanced state of the rotor is constructed; The testing of the possibilities of using the developed model has been developed. The unclear toolbox is used for the task of balancing the rotor system of the washing machine, which makes it possible to develop practical recommendations for the application of the accidentally directed search method of a balanced rotor state with a variable imbalance.
ISSN: 2219-9365
UDC: 62.755
Content type: Стаття
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