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Title: Контактная задача о взаимодействии конечного стрингера и двух одинаковых полос с начальными напряжениями
Authors: Поплавська, Олена Андріївна
Діхтярук, Микола Миколайович
Самарук, Наталія Миколаївна
Keywords: контактна задача;лінеаризована теорія пружності;смуга;початкове напруження;початкова деформація;сontact problem;linearized theory of elasticity;stripe;initial compression (tension);initial deformation
Issue Date: Jan-2019
Publisher: ВД «Академперіодика» НАН України
Citation: Контактная задача о взаимодействии конечного стрингера и двух одинаковых полос с начальными напряжениями / Н. Н. Дихтярук, О. В. Куриненко, Е. А. Поплавская, Н. Н. Самарук // Прикл. механика. ‒ 2019. ‒ Т. 55, № 1. – С. 91–98.
Abstract: Within the framework of linearized theory of elasticity, a plane contact problem is solved on passing theconcentrated load from the stringer to two compressed by one end identical stripes with initial stresses. An analysis is carried out for the theory of large initial deformations and different variants of the theory of small initial deformations for the elastic potential of arbitrary form. A solving the problem relative to the tangential contact stresses is reduced to solving the integro-differential equations that are solved in the form of Jacobi’s polynomials. Further, after some transformations the quite quasi-regular infinite system of linear algebraic equations is obtained that is solved by the known numerical methods. It is shown that the initial stresses in elastic strips influence essentially on a law of distribution of contact stresses. Namely, in the case of compression the contact stresses decrease essentially (in the case of tension – increase) whereas the displacements in the case of compression increase and of tension – decrease. The highly elastic materials show more essential quantitative influence ar compared with the rigid materials. The qualitative influence is similar for all materials.
ISSN: 0032–8243
Content type: Стаття
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