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document-1.pdf.jpg2019Estimation of the stress-strain state of a discrete medium by a plastic flow modelDorofeyev, O.A.; Kovtun, V.V.
document.pdf.jpg2019Research of the contact and deformation properties of lubricated surfacesDykha, O.V.; Posonsky, S.F.
document.pdf.jpg2019-10Analysis of the influence of nitriding in a glow discharge on the properties of a titanium alloyМашовець, Наталія; Mashovets, N.S.
document.pdf.jpg2019Wear resistence of complex electrolitic coatings in electrolite environmentsBilyk, Yu.M.; Martyniuk, A.V.; Medvedchuk, N.K.; Kupets, B.I.
doc1.pdf.jpg2019Contact interaction of elastic strips with initial stresses with a infinite and finite stringersDikhtyaruk, N.N.; Poplavskaya, E.A.; Kurinyenko, O.V.; Діхтярук, М.М.; Поплавська, О.А.; Курінєнко, О.В.
document-3.pdf.jpg2019Cavitation and erosion wear resistance of carbon structural steelsSkyba, M.Ye.; Oleksandrenko, V.P.; Stechyshyn, M.S.; Martynyuk, A.V.; Скиба, М.Є.; Олександренко, В.П.; Стечишин, М.С.; Мартинюк, А.В.
document-2.pdf.jpg2019Equilibration of sugar centrifuges by method of automatic balancingTkachuk, V.P.; Sokolan, K.S.; Sokolan, J.S.; Ткачук, В.П.; Соколан, Л.С.; Соколан, Ю.С.
document-4.pdf.jpg2019Investigation of the influence of thickeners and fillers on Properties of lubricants obtained by recycling technologiesMandzyuk, І.А.; Prysiazhna, К.О.; Мандзюк, І.А.; Присяжна, К.О.
document-1.pdf.jpg2019Contact problem of elastic strips with initial stresses with periodically placed resilient protective strapDikhtyaruk, N.N.; Kurinienko, O.V.; Poplavskaya, E.A.; Діхтярук, М.М.; Курінєнко, О.В.; Поплавська, О.А.
document-5.pdf.jpg2019Direct wear-contact task for radial sliding bearingDykha, O.V.; Babak, O.P.; Dytynyuk, V.O.; Дыха, А.В.; Бабак, О.П.; Дытынюк, В.А.