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Title: Експертна система закладів громадського харчування
Other Titles: Expert system of public catering
Authors: Кухарчук, М.Н.
Пасічник, О.А.
Скрипник, Т.К.
Kukharchuk, M.N.
Pasichnyk, O.A.
Skrypnyk, T.K.
Keywords: експертна система;заклад громадського харчування;дієта;стан здоров’я;expert system;institution of public nutrition;diet;state of health
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Хмельницький національний університет
Citation: Кухарчук, М.Н. Експертна система закладів громадського харчування [Текст] / М. Н. Кухарчук, О. А. Пасічник, Т. К. Скрипник // Вісник Хмельницького національного університету. Технічні науки. – 2018. – № 6, т. 1. – С. 248-251.
Abstract: У роботі було проведено дослідження проблематики громадського харчування. Вперше розроблено технологію, яка дозволяє в ході формування споживацького меню у закладі громадського харчування врахувати персональні особливості клієнта в частині, що стосується стану його здоров’я.
Information surrounds us from all sides. In all institutions and institutions, a large amount of information is stored. Databases are used for its convenient use. However, we cannot restrict ourselves to just storing information; for its processing and application, software products are developed based on database management systems. Therefore, it is promising to develop this very part in the development of software products. Many people use public catering facilities. All of them have different flavors, they enjoy the dishes of one or another kitchen, and some ingredients cannot physically endure. In addition, according to the General Directorate of Statistics, in 2017, there were registered 2,477.5 thousand cases of the first registered diseases. Often, for some types of diseases, people are strictly forbidden to use certain products. For example, with diseases of the circulatory system (usually heart problems), physicians do not advise to eat fats, cholesterol, sugar. According to statistics, only in 2017, 113.9 thousand cases of cardiovascular diseases were registered. All these people should restrict themselves to the use of non-recommended products. An expert system is a computer system that can partially or completely replace a specialist expert in solving a problem situation. In computer science, expert systems are considered together with knowledge bases, as models of expert behavior in a particular area of knowledge, using procedures of logical conclusion and decision-making, and knowledge bases - as a set of facts and rules of logical conclusion in the chosen subject area. Expert systems of catering establishments can, based on expert data, choose the optimal set of dishes for clients, taking into account not only the taste preferences of the client but also the dietary instructions. The purpose of the work is to develop the information technology of selecting a consumer menu in public catering establishments, which allows taking into account personal characteristics of the client in the part relating to the health status. To achieve this goal, the following tasks were defined: to develop information technology for work with a base of diseases; to develop information technology for working with the base of dishes; develop a method for creating rules, a system of evaluation and an information system for working with an expert knowledge base; Perform algorithmic and programmatic implementation of the expert system to confirm its viability. At the stage of introducing expert knowledge into the EU, depending on the rules, a list of coefficients on which the EU will advise users is formed. At the stage of consulting / moderation, the software product is ready for use with users. The basis of the knowledge base is based on mathematical calculations, which are executed under the formula of full probability. The information technology of selection of a consumer menu of dishes in catering establishments is developed. Methods of creating expert rules are investigated. A system of estimation of the utility coefficient is algorithmically presented. The algorithmic and programmatic implementation of the expert system is executed. The application of technology makes it possible to formulate orders taking into account the health of the client. When forming the menu, not only taste preferences, but also dietary instructions are taken into account.
UDC: 004.891.2, 640.43
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