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Title: Розвиток системи закупівель в Україні та роль в цьому процесі державного фінансового контролю
Other Titles: Development of the system of procurement in Ukraine and role in this process of the state financial control
Authors: Замазій, О.В.
Zamaziy, О.
Keywords: публічні закупівлі;допорогові закупівлі;післяпорогові закупівлі;моніторинг;державні кошти;фінансовий контроль;public procurement;pre-purchase;post-border procurement;financial control;monitoring;public funds
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Хмельницький національний університет
Citation: Замазій, О.В. Розвиток системи закупівель в Україні та роль в цьому процесі державного фінансового контролю [Текст] / О. В. Замазій // Вісник Хмельницького національного університету. Економічні науки. – 2018. – № 4. – С. 218-221.
Abstract: Досліджено проблеми інституційної модернізації системи закупівель в Україні. Підкреслено роль моніторингу у сфері публічних закупівель на всіх стадіях закупівлі з метою запобігання порушенням законодавства. Доведено важливість системи електронних закупівель ProZorro у забезпеченні відкритості, прозорості та конкурентності торгів.
The study of the evolution of forms of procurement in Ukraine was conducted on the basis of an analysis of the current legislation. Changes in the legislation contributed to a change in terms from public procurement to public procurement. The use of the term public purchase means that the purchase is carried out by the public administration at the expense of taxpayers' money in the interests of citizens to provide quality services. Such a shift from the net acquisition of goods and services for state needs to procurement by public authorities in the interests of taxpayers and at their expense creates conditions for open and fair competition not only between the parties to the most purchases, but also gives the right for permanent control by the taxpayers for the process procurement data. However, the use of cash thresholds in the procurement procedure at the expense of public funds remains from the old legislation. This facilitates the division of public procurement into two types, which in turn requires different procedures and conditions for their conduct. The article emphasizes the role of monitoring in the field of public procurement at all stages of procurement in order to prevent violations of the law. This opportunity is provided by ProZorro's electronic procurement system. Р is an open resource, which provides access to all information from the central database on electronic tenders, which were announced on July 31, 2016. The data of this e-procurement system is open and resolved for advanced distribution and use. Any legal or natural person can freely copy and use, including for commercial purposes, public information from this system. Thus, the participants / customers of public procurement and the public receive an opportunity for simple and systematic monitoring and supervision of public procurement. For their part, clients because of their social status are becoming more receptive to the formation of tender documents and the selection of winners. Together, this ensures openness, transparency and competitive bidding.
UDC: 346.6; 336.1
Content type: Стаття
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