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Title: Investigation of Small Motions of Liquid in Cylindrical Chamber of Auto-Balancing Device
Authors: Drach, I.
Bubulis, А.
Mažeika, D.
Kandrotaitė Janutienė, R.
Juodvalkis, D.
Keywords: rotor,;imbalance;automatic balancing (self-balancing);auto-balancing device (ABD);process of wave forming on the surface of a liquid
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Kaunas University of Technology
Citation: Investigation of Small Motions of Liquid in Cylindrical Chamber of Auto-Balancing Device / I. Drach, A. Bubulis, D. Mažeika, R. Kandrotaitė Janutienė, D. Juodvalkis // Mechanika. – 2018. – Vol. 24, No 2. – P. 248-253.
Abstract: The article deals with the process of wave form-ing on the surface of a liquid in a chamber of a liquid auto-balancing device partially filled with a liquid for rotors with a vertical axis of rotation under non-stationary modes of the system's motion. In non-stationary processes, the possible wave formation causes a dynamic instability in the operation of the machine and the increase of vibrations under certain operating modes. In the article the problem for the case when the rotor is installed in elastic supports is solved, the joint movements of the rotor - liquid system are considered and their stability is investigated.
ISSN: 1392 - 1207
UDC: 62.755
Content type: Стаття
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