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Title: Comparative analysis of linguists’ professional training at british and ukrainian universities
Authors: Komochkova, O.
Keywords: linguistics;linguist;comparative analysis;professional training;university;Ukraine;Great Britain
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Хмельницький національний університет
Citation: Komochkova O. Comparative analysis of linguists’ professional training at british and ukrainian universities / O.Komochkova // Comparative Professional Pedagogy. – 2017. – № 7 (3). – P. 99-106.
Abstract: We have performed comparative analysis on professional training of linguists at British and Ukrainian universities at administrative and managerial, legislative, organizational and pedagogical, systemic, conceptual, socioeconomic levels. As evidenced above, British and Ukrainian systems of professional training of linguists differ significantly, but simultaneously they are similar to the trends in development. In the first place, the main difference is manifested in the content of curricula. Professional training of linguists in Ukraine is aimed primarily at professional orientation on the national (regional) labour market, comprehensive development of personality of future specialists, formation of harmonious development of both general and professional qualities. In British experience, this training is oriented toward the world labour market. In view of the above, it is expedient to update the content of curricula for linguistics, in particular, its focus on professional and researchbased training, taking into account the best practices of foreign experience, in particular British one. An important objective of Ukrainian higher education institutions is to improve quality of teaching professional and special disciplines, provide modern teaching materials, as well as attract foreign specialists to teaching. It is also worthwhile to encourage students to participate in work placements abroad, as it is the case with leading universities in Great Britain. Perspectives for further researches are seen in studying foreign experience in training linguists at leading European universities in order to justify the best aspects of such experience and therefore implement them into practice of professional training of linguists at Ukrainian universities.
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