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Title: Image clothing as a perceptual component of clothing design
Authors: Кулешова, Світлана Геннадіївна
Славінська, Алла Людвигівна
Захаркевич, Оксана Василівна
Швець, Галина Станіславівна
Kuleshova, Svetlana
Slavinska, Alla
Zakharkevich, Oksana
Shvets, Galina
Keywords: consumer;psychological comfort;coloring;temperament;image clothing;perception
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Kuleshova S. G. Image clothing as a perceptual component of clothing design / S. G. Kuleshova, A. L. Slavinska, O. V. Zakharkevich, G. S. Shvets // Online magazine for Textiles, clothing, leather and technology. – 2017. – № 3. – P. 12-20.
Abstract: In the paper image clothing is described as a result of interaction of person’s coloring and psychological features of person. The main idea of the article is that every person has a unique pattern of body coloring and also particular preferences for color that relate to their temperament and past experiences. Contemporary study of four classical temperaments in the approaches of image clothing and selecting colors is applied in the work. Authors improved the incidence matrixes that show the relationships between two classes of objects: first one shows the relationship between clothing colors and personality; and the second one is about to identify the best color palette for person’s body coloring.
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