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Title: Research Spray and Device for Polymer Coatings on Fabric
Authors: Horiashchenko, Serhiy
Keywords: spray;polymer;model
Issue Date: 20-Apr-2015
Publisher: Kaunas University of Technology
Citation: Horiashchenko S. Research spray and device for polymer coatings on fabric / S. Horiashchenko // Mechanika 2015 : proceedings of the 20th international scientific conference, Lithuania, Kaunas, 23-24 April, 2015. – Kaunas : Kaunas University of Technology, 2015. – P. 101-104.
Abstract: The paper presents an device for polymer coating. Technologies for the coating and duplicating of the surface of leather and textile materials by the polymeric films have been developed on the basis of experimental device. Re-search has shown that the formation of the polymer layer is accompanied by the occurrence of such phenomena: the wetting of the surface of the upper parts of the details of clothing; capillary penetration of substances into the structure of porous material and adhesion. Received examples of polymeric coating on the fabric
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