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Title: Postgraduate Courses in Linguistics at Universitiies of Great Britain
Authors: Комочкова, Ольга Олександрівна
Komochkova, O.
Keywords: curricula,;postgraduate courses;linguistics;linguist;Great Britain;higher education institution;British experience
Issue Date: Jan-2016
Publisher: Національна академія педагогічних наук України, Інститут педагогіки, Міністерство освіти і науки України, Уманський державний педагогічний університет ім. Павла Тичини
Citation: Komochkova О. Postgraduate Courses in Linguistics at Universities of Great Britain / O. Komochkova // Порівняльно-педагогічні студії : наук.-пед. журн. / Нац. акад. пед. наук України, Ін-т педагогіки, Уман. держ. педагогічний ун-т ім. Павла Тичини. – Київ, 2016. – № 1 (27). – P. 12–18.
Abstract: The article deals with postgraduate courses in linguistics at universities of Great Britain. The current state of higher education sector in Ukraine and the need to apply to foreign experience, British one in particular, have been justified. Relevant information sources, namely, data on Education UK, the official website for international students launched by the British Council, programme specifications developed by famous British universities (University of Kent, University of Leeds, University of Essex, Queen Mary, University of London, University of Manchester, SOAS, University of London, Lancaster University, Bangor University, UCL (University College London), York St John University, University of Birmingham, University of York etc) have been reviewed. The list of higher education institutions (71) offering postgraduate courses (418) in linguistics has been presented. Postgraduate qualifications and study modes for linguistics courses have been described. General characteristics and peculiarities of programme specifications for linguistics have been outlined. It has been stated that curricula for linguistics provided by British higher education institutions have three main components, namely, core modules, optional modules and dissertation. In general, core modules offered by most British universities cover key areas of linguistics. The optional modules may vary from year to year and are in the related fields of linguistics. Teaching and learning methods and assessment techniques widely used at British universities have been listed. Positive aspects of British curricula designed for those interested in postgraduate qualification in linguistics have been outlined. Perspectives for improving the Ukrainian curricula for professional training of future linguists have been justified.
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