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Title: The Role of Government in Path-Dependent Development of SME Sector in Ukraine
Authors: Shutyak, Yuliya
Van Caillie, DIdier
Keywords: малий бізнес;малі підприємства;підприємництво;державне регулювання;Україна;small business;entrepreneurship;Ukraine;regulation
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Citation: Shutyak Y. The Role of Government in Path-Dependent Development of SME Sector in Ukraine / Y. Shutyak, D. Van Caillie // Journal of East-West Business. - 2015. - 21(1). - P. 67-90.
Abstract: This article studies evolution of governmental support for SME development from the times of Perestroika until 2013. Guided by institutional theory, the article revises SME development in Ukraine and explains government actions through the prism of path dependence. The analysis is conducted within a matrix logic resuming the data by several periods of time corresponding to changes in the Ukrainian government and being juxtaposed to the main stages of the path dependence analytical framework. The study reveals main trends in governmental support for small business and main challenges remaining nowadays.
В статті досліджуюється еволюція державної підтримки розвитку малого бізнесу в Україні з часів Перебудови і до 2013 року. В основу аналізу покладена інституціональна теорія.
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