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Title: Recommended ranges of collars’ parameters for transformable garments
Authors: Захаркевич, Оксана Василівна
Кулешова, Світлана Геннадіївна
Швець, Галина Станіславівна
Zakharkevich, O.V.
Kuleshova, S.G.
Shvets, G.S.
Keywords: transformable garment;collar;intersection of sets
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Magazine textile and clothing
Citation: Zakharkevich O. V. Recommended ranges of collars’ parameters for transformable garments / O. V. Zakharkevich, S. G. Kuleshova, G. S. Shvets // Magazine textile and clothing. – 2015. – № 9. – Р. 210-220.
Abstract: The main purpose of this research is to obtain recommended collars parameters for transformable garments. The list of collars types for research includes classic gents collar (tailored) with revers, convertible collar, classic roll collar, standing straight collar, mandarin collar. The recommended ranges of collars constructions parameters for transformable garments were obtained as an intersection of the uncountable sets determine the value ranges of specific parameters of the collars constructions for garments before the transformation process and garments, which remain after it. The obtained ranges of collars parameters could be recommended for transformable garments, the chain of transformation of which includes coat, jacket and tailored jacket. The procedure which was followed in this work can be used to obtain ranges of collars parameters for transformable garments, the chain of transformation of which include other types of garments, or even to obtain ranges of constructions parameters of other garment’s parts.
ISSN: 1310-912Х
UDC: 687. 016.5
Content type: Стаття
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