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Title: Determination of fabrics properties for reversible garments
Authors: Захаркевич, Оксана Василівна
Кулешова, Світлана Геннадіївна
Швець, Галина Станіславівна
Zakharkevich, O.V.
Kuleshova, S.G.
Shvets, G.S.
Keywords: transformable clothing;reversible garment;value ranges;set;roughness
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Certex Publishing House
Citation: Zakharkevich O. V. Determination of fabrics properties for reversible garments / O. V. Zakharkevich, S. G. Kuleshova, G. S. Shvets // The International Conference TexTeh 7th “Creating the future of textiles”, October 22-23, 2015 : Proceedings. – Bucharest, 2015. – Vol. 7. – Р. 78-88.
Abstract: Transformable fashion is one of the appropriate alternatives to reduce consumption and reinforce consumers to engage in sustainable lifestyle. Transformable fashion can be basically defined as a garment that can be comfortably worn in multiple ways. A reversible garment is a type of transformable fashion which can be worn two ways. Transformable woman’s garments belong to the chains of transformations which might include different types of garments. All of them might be made of different fabrics, and they might meet to different quality requirements. Furthermore reversible garment has no true "inside out", and that is why each side must have some lining properties. The main purpose of this research is to obtain recommended value ranges of the fabrics properties for reversible garments in order to meet all of quality requirements. As input data for the research the value ranges of specific parameters of the different types of fabrics' properties were used. But at present we have no detailed knowledge about some of properties. That is why we proposed to evaluate the fabric smoothness by measuring fabric surface roughness characteristics. Thus, the recommended ranges of materials’ properties for reversible garments were obtained as an intersection of the uncountable sets determine the value ranges of specific parameters of the materials’ properties for different garments types and lining. The obtained values can guarantee high quality products, good looks and long life of the transformable clothing. The procedure which was followed in this work can be used to obtain ranges of materials’ properties for transformable garments, the chain of transformation of which include other types of garments, or even to obtain ranges of constructions parameters of transformable (reversible) garment’s parts. Besides that the information we have obtained can be used as a basis for expert system of the fabric selection for the garment.
ISSN: 2068-9101
UDC: 687. 016.5:510.22
Content type: Стаття
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