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Title: Analysis of national and foreign specialized sport education for senior pupils
Authors: Rebryna, Anatoliy
Keywords: national and foreign secondary schools;specialized profile learning;curricula;physical education;sports specialization;professionally applied physical training;physical qualities;pupils
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Rebryna A. Analysis of national and foreign specialized sport education for senior pupils / A. Rebryna // Comparative Professional Pedagogy. – 2014. – № 4 (1). – P. 59-67.
Abstract: There has been theoretically substantiated the topicality of the specialized learning of the senior pupils of secondary educational institutions. There has been revealed the essence of specialized learning as of one of the leading forms of educational process organization in a modern school, which in its goal remains between a secondary and vocational education, providing a functional interrelation and succession between them. There has been presented a substantial analysis of state documents and curricula in physical training for senior pupils of national and foreign sports oriented secondary schools. A retrospective analysis of pedagogical literature and Internet resources in the issues of incepting ideas of pupils’ specialized differentiation of learning has been conducted. It has been found out that personal direction of the sports oriented educational process envisages the wholesome system approach to each pupil’s choice of a sports specialization profile, its content, means and forms of educational and extracurricular physical culture and health-improving activity, taking into account the age and individual peculiarities, locomotive and creative aptitudes to the chosen specialization profile. The work of physical training teachers of sports oriented specialized grades has been analyzed. The importance of taking into account the level of knowledge, pupils’ physical fitness, their interests, aptitudes and skills for defining and studying the components of the elective module has been stressed. It has been found out that a physical education curriculum for the 10–11th grades’ pupils of sports oriented secondary educational establishments can’t approve a strictly defined number of hours for the determination of these or other constituent modules. Each school in accordance with the chosen learning specialization profile may create its own applied physical training curriculum for senior pupils.
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