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Title: Setting the hidden layer neuron number in feedforward neural network for an image recognition problem under Gaussian noise of distortion
Authors: Romanuke, V.V.
Keywords: feedforward neural network;image recognition;hidden layer neurons;traintime;neural network performance
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Romanuke V. Setting the Hidden Layer Neuron Number in Feedforward Neural Network for an Image Recognition Problem under Gaussian Noise of Distortion / V. Romanuke // Computer and Information Science. – 2013. – Vol. 6, No. 2. – P. 38-54.
Abstract: There is considered an image recognition problem, defined for the single hidden layer perceptron, fed with 5-by-7 monochrome images on its input under Gaussian noise of their distortion. In this neural network the hidden layer neuron number should be set optimally to maximize its productivity. For minimizing traintime duration and recognition error rate both simultaneously there are suggested two ways of solving the corresponding two-objective minimization problem. One of them deals with equilibrium conception, and the other takes Bernoulli criterion for getting the single minimization problem.
ISSN: 1913-8989
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