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Title: The comprehensive evaluation of management decisions efficiency
Authors: Hryhoruk, P.
Khrushch, N.
Keywords: management decisions;integral index;efficiency;additive convolution;Harrington's scale;interpretation of the integral index
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Khrushch N. A. The comprehensive evaluation of management decisions efficiency / N. A. Khrushch. P. M. Hryhoruk // Journal L'Association 1901 «SEPIKE». – 2013. – Aus. 3. – P. 114-118.
Abstract: The article presents an approach to the construction of the integral index of management decision efficiency. The concept of efficiency examines and defines the algorithm of the index construction that contains of five stages. The feature of the proposed approach is the simultaneous use of metric and non-metric partial criteria of efficiency. Here quantitative indicators were built on metric components, and non-metric components were used to refine weight coefficients. The paper also presents an approach to the interpretation of the results of an integrated evaluation of an alternative efficiency with the definition of the degree of decision acceptability, in which is substantiated the expediency of introducing a special coefficient into the construction procedure. Also it is established the correspondence between an integral index scale and Harrington's scale, in which the degree of desirability is shown in verbal form, which is very convenient to illustrate the results which submit the projection rule of constructed integral values on the scale of desirability.
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