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Title: Analysis of efficiency of surfactants in multifunctional textile compositions
Authors: Karvan, Svitlana
Paraska, Olha
Keywords: textile materials;washing ability;surfactant;detergent;adsorption;modification of fabric surface
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Politechnika Lodzka
Citation: Karvan, S. Analysis of efficiency of surfactants in multifunctional textile compositions / S. Karvan, O. Paraska // Proceedings of the XI International Conference IMTEX`2011, 7-8 November 2011, Lodz, Poland. – P. 71–76.
Abstract: Washing mechanism in an aqueous and non-aqueous mediums was analysed including all stages of removal of soils from textile materials. It was shown that remnant of surfactants on fabric effect on its properties and can modify surface of fibres. Physical and chemical properties of modern surfactant and textile chemicals have been studied. Estimation and choice of effective surfactants for washing process was based on their solubilizing, emulsifying and dispersing abilities. Optimal composition of detergents was determined by mathematical methods with use of regression analysis. Research of adsorption of nonionic surfactants on synthetic fabric showed that adsorption isotherms of OS-20 have S-shape and its molecules are held on the polyamide and polyester fibers by the Van der Waals forces. Application of elaborated composition for dry cleaning improves performance of materials and facilitates subsequent care about clothes.
ISBN: 978-83-60604-91-5
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