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Title: Conception of modeling the system of ensuring financial economic security
Other Titles: Концепція моделювання системи забезпечення фінансово-економічної безпеки
Authors: Hryhoruk, P.M.
Khrushch, N.А.
Chuniak, O.V.
Григорук, Павло Михайлович
Хрущ, Ніла Анатоліївна
Чуняк, Ольга Валеріївна
Григорук, П.М.
Хрущ, Н.А.
Чуняк, О.В.
Keywords: business entity;financial economic security;conception;economic mathematical modeling
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Hryhoruk P. M. Conception of modeling the system of ensuring financial economic security / P. M. Hryhoruk, N. A Khrushch, O. V. Chuniak // Науковий вісник Полісся. – 2019. – № 1 (17). – C. 158-165.
Abstract: Urgency of the research. Functioning of the mechanism of ensuring financial economic security within the system of strategic management of a business entity is based on the use of information and analytical support along with economic mathematical modeling. Target setting. Economic mathematical modeling has a significant cognitive potential to describe the laws and patterns of the studied systems functioning. Its use leads to the formation of the main tasks for ensuring the financial economic security system and the creation of the concept of modeling such a system as a theoretical foundation to shape a model basis of its description. Actual scientific researches and issues analysis. The issues of the managerial mechanisms for the financial economic security formation and the modeling tools use are highlighted in the scientific publications by O. Zyhriy, T. Vasyltsiv, L. Menggang, D. Nanto, J. Jürjens, O. Illiashenko, V. Heiets, and many others. Uninvestigated parts of general matters defining. The issue of creating a holistic system of scientific and theoretical positions regarding the use of means of economic mathematical modeling is not sufficiently studied now. The research objective of this article is to identify the main tasks of modeling the composing parts of the financial economic security system and to shape conceptual provisions aimed at designing the appropriate modeling toolkit. The statement of basic materials. A description of the conceptual provisions regarding the modeling of the system of financial economic security in the context of the solution of the main tasks is presented. Conclusions. The presented conception allows identifying the structure of the model basis as a part of the mechanism of ensuring financial economic security. This contributes to the selection of models for solving the issues of forming managerial decisions to provide the required level of security.
ISSN: 2410-9576
UDC: 303.09:[338.246+336.02]-047.82
Content type: Стаття
Appears in Collections:Кафедра автоматизованих систем і моделювання в економіці

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