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Title: Some surface layer features after abrasive-water jet cutting
Authors: Matuszewski, Maciej
Musiał, Janusz
Styp-Rekowski, Michał
Shalapko, Yuriy
Mashovets, Natalia
Keywords: abrasive-water jet machining;cutting;roughness parameters;steel;plastics;syenite
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Some Surface Layer Features after Abrasive-Water Jet Cutting [Текст] / M. Matuszewski, J. Musial, M. Styp-Rekowski, J. Shalapko, N. Mashovets // Современные достижения в науке и образовании : сб. тр. VI Междунар. науч. конф., 20-27 мая 2012 г., г. Венеция, Италия. – Хмельницкий : ХНУ, 2012. – Р. 28-34.
Abstract: In presented paper results of comparative studies into the roughness (very significant tribological factor) of surfaces after cutting using the AWJM method were presented. Cutting was performed on samples made of three materials: quenched and tampered alloy steel (1.2080), plastic (polyamide PA6) and mineral material (syenite). Variable parameters in the cutting process included: jet pressure and feed. As a result of measurements involving selected roughness parameters (Ra, Rz and Rq)It was discovered that the majority of variable factors had a significant effect on the cut surface roughness. It was also demonstrated that the contact method measurements cannot be performed with regard to plastics because the results are characterised by a very great scatter of results values, making them unreliable.
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