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Title: Contact Problem for an Elastic Ring Punch and a Half-Space with Initial (Residual) Stresses
Authors: Babych, S.Y.
Yarets’ka, N.O.
Keywords: linearized theory of elasticity;initial (residual) stresses;contact problem;ring punch
Issue Date: 26-Sep-2021
Publisher: Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature
Citation: Babych, S. Y., Yarets’ka, N. O. Contact Problem for an Elastic Ring Punch and a Half-Space with Initial (Residual) Stresses. Int Appl Mech 57, 297–305 (2021).
Abstract: The problem of contact interaction without friction between an elastic cylindrical ring punch and an elastic half-space with initial (residual) stresses under pressure in the case of unequal roots of the characteristic equation is considered. The research is presented in general form for the theory of large initial (final) strains and two variants of the theory of small initial strains within the framework of the linearized theory of elasticity for an arbitrary elastic potential. Numerical analysis is presented in the form of graphs for the Treloar potential.
ISSN: 1063-7095
UDC: 539.3
metadata.dc.type: Стаття
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