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Title: Marketing Tools for the Development and Enhance the Efficiency of E-commerce in the Context of Digitalization
Authors: Dykha, M.
Ustik, T.
Krasovska, O.
Pilevych, D.
Shatska, Z.
Iankovets, T.
Keywords: E-Commerce;Digitalization;Marketing Tools;Efficiency
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Dykha M., Ustik T., Krasovska O., Pilevych D., Shatska Z., Iankovets T. (2021) Marketing Tools for the Development and Enhance the Efficiency of E-commerce in the Context of Digitalization, Monographic Estudios de Economia Aplicada, 39(5). DOI: 10.25115/eea.v39i5.5234
Abstract: The global electronic market has become so large that a successful business can no longer exist and develop outside the Internet. The article notes how digital technologies have penetrated into online business. They are being incorporated into marketing plans and daily life, and people are using digital devices instead of physical stores; digital marketing campaigns are becoming more prevalent and effective. The article discusses the main marketing tools for the development and efficiency of e-commerce in the context of global digitalization: SMM marketing, SEO, contextual and banner advertisements, communication marketing, video marketing, event marketing, remarketing. The main trends and the most influential tools of the digital age are also highlighted. The main Key Performance Indicators are given. They reflect how the actions that are taken as part of an online promotion help the company move towards achieving its e-commerce business goals.
ISSN: 1133-3197
metadata.dc.type: Стаття
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