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Title: Intercultural competence development of German nursing personnel via advanced training projects
Authors: Bidyuk, N.
Oleskova, H.
Tretko, V.
Keywords: advanced training projects;culturally sensitive care;intercultural competence;migrant background;German nursing personnel
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Bidyuk N. Intercultural competence development of German nursing personnel via advanced training projects / N. Bidyuk, H. Oleskova, V. Tretko // International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research. ‒ 2020. ‒ № 4, Vol. 19 ‒ P. 78–93.
Abstract: This paper describes the advanced training projects to develop the intercultural competence of German nursing personnel. There are many German projects, which promote the development of intercultural competence and other professional competences of doctors and nursing personnel. Within this paper, the authors analyzed the following projects: “Migrants in Geriatric Nursing” (MigA project), “German Professional Language in the Geriatric Nursing” (FaDA Projekt), “Intercultural Open Nursing Service AWO in Ulm”, “Interprofessional and intercultural activities in the area of medicine, nursing and social services” (IPIKA project), IPIKA Plus project, “MIG-COMM-EU ‒ Multilingual Intercultural Business Communication for Europe” (MIG-COMM-EU project), “Intercultural Medical Communication in Europe” (IMED-KOMM-EU project). The authors have paid much attention to the significance of the concept of intercultural competence in nursing care. Besides, the article highlights the issue of the increase in the number of people with a migrant background in Germany. This study also provides another perspective on the advanced training projects for intercultural competence development of German nursing personnel.
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