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Title: Design Principles of Horizontal Drum Machines with Low Vibration
Authors: Drach, Ilona
Goroshko, Andrii
Dwornicka, Renata
Keywords: rotary drum machine;washing machine;imbalance;vibration activity;stiffness;self-balancing device
Issue Date: May-2021
Publisher: Advances in Science and Technology Research Journal
Citation: Drach, I., Goroshko, A., Dwornicka, R. Design Principles of Horizontal Drum Machines with Low Vibration. Advances in Science and Technology Research Journal. 2021, 15(2): 258-268. doi:10.12913/22998624/136441.
Abstract: Using the example of washing machines using the linear theory of vibrations, the dynamics of horizontal rotary drum machines is investigated and the basic requirements for their layout are formulated to reduce vibration activity. The mathematical equations of vibrations of the multiply connected system tub-drum on elastic suspensions are compiled for main types of washing machines and centrifuges with horizontal axis of rotation. The problem is solved in a linear setting based on the Lagrange equation of the second kind. The accuracy and adequacy of the mathematical model was tested directly on a full-scale object by measuring noise, vibrations, support forces and stress distribution in individual elements and units of the washing machine in the entire range of drum rotation frequencies. Investigations of the nature of system vibrations depending on changes in the position and attachment points of elastic and damping elements were carried out using simulation in the Simulink environment. As a result of the research, the basic requirements for the layout of horizontal rotary drum machines were experimentally confirmed. Experimental verification was carried out to confirm the results obtained. It has been experimentally proven that the improvement of the experimental setup to reduce its vibration activity increases the efficiency of using direct-acting liquid autobalancers.
ISSN: 2299-8624
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