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Title: Construction of an Aircraft-Type UAV for Flight Along a Given Trajectory in the Automatic Mode
Authors: Myasischev, Olexander
Lienkov, Serhii
Banzak, Oksana
Komarova, Larysa
Lytvynenko, Nataliia
Miroshnichenko, Oleg
Keywords: OMNIBUSF4V3;INAV 2.5;GPS receiver;STM32F405;UAV;GY-NEO6MV;ESC controller;Google Earth Pro;MPU6000;Firefly q6;FlySky FS-i6;Failsafe
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: International Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering Research
Citation: Construction of an Aircraft-Type UAV for Flight Along a Given Trajectory in the Automatic Mode / Serhii Lienkov, AlexanderMyasischev, Oksana Banzak, Larysa Komarova, Nataliia Lytvynenko, Oleg Miroshnichenko // International Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering Research. – 2020. – September, Vol. 8, No. 9. – P. 6145-6150.
Abstract: A budget (up to $100) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of an aircraft type based on the OMNIBUSF4V3 flight controller with an STM32F405 microcontroller is developed in the article. The created aircraft performs the following flight modes: the holding altitude and position, the automatic return to the takeoff point on command from the control panel or in case of loss of communication with it, the automatic flight along a given trajectory. The possibility of the flying along the points of the designed aircraft with the firmware INAV ver.2.5.0 without using a barometer and magnetometer, that are necessary for the rotary UAV to perform a similar task, is shown. Using the Blackbox INAV 2.5.0 toolkit and the Google Earth Pro service, the real flight path of the aircraft, speed parameters, and flight altitude according to the readings of the GPS receiver were established. The heights and speeds of the aircraft passing the flight points have been experimentally determined. Their close correspondence was established to those values, that were programmatically entered into the aircraft flight controller before launch. The correspondence was established between the real flight path of the aircraft and the one entered into the flight controller using the configurator. The constructed aircraft can be used to perform photo and video surveys of the terrain in automatic mode with the route length of 6-8 km, using a lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 1800-2200 mAh.
ISSN: 2347–3983
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