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Title: The Importance of Appropriate Materials for Teaching ESP for Tourism Students in Ukraine
Other Titles: Важливість відповідних матеріалів для викладання АПЦ для студентів туристичної галузі в Україні
Authors: Петльована, Лілія Леонідівна
Petliovana, L.L.
Keywords: tourism and hospitality sector;ESP course;communicative or reading skills;integrated approach;syllabus;learning materials
Issue Date: 30-Jan-2020
Publisher: Причорноморський науково-дослідний інститут економіки та інновацій
Citation: Petliovana L. L. The Importance of Appropriate Materials for Teaching ESP for Tourism Students in Ukraine / L. L. Petliovana // Інноваційна педагогіка : наук. журн. / Причорномор. н.-д. ін-т екон. та інновацій. – Одеса, 2020. – Вип. 21, т. 3. – С. 67-72.
Abstract: One of the major criteria in employing people in the tourism and hospitality sector is the English knowledge. Poor English proficiency and competency can result in hardness in attracting and entertaining the tourists. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the English language taught as a core subject at tourism higher education institutions and universities in Ukraine. In designing a course for students of tourism, an integrated approach to get the students involved in the syllabus we want to teach has been used. This paper is focused on those teaching and learning methods and techniques which can improve the practical use of English for work-related purposes, this giving the students the opportunity to develop their language skills by means of attractive, motivating and useful learning activities. The paper aims at providing an in-depth knowledge about ways of studying and applying English for Specific Purposes in the Tourism field, as well as types of activities to be used in the classroom in order to assist learners overcome language difficulties. It is of great importance to emphasize the specific tasks and strategies used while teaching ESP for Tourism classes, strategies that differ from the ones used in a traditional English language classroom. It has been pointed out that good material should be based on various interesting texts and activities providing a range of skills, one piece of material serving for developing more than one skill, e.g. reading, listening, speaking, writing. Texts as learning materials can be used for learning and practicing a wide range of skills. In ESP course, they can be sources for new vocabulary, communicative or reading skills. Various activities have been defined: warming-up activities - pre-teaching and activation of new vocabulary or grammar structures, discussing questions concerning the topic; receptive activities - work with the text itself, reading, listening; informative and productive activities - practising of acquired knowledge; follow-up activities - next improving, developing, using of acquired knowledge.
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