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Title: Кількісна характеристика власних назв матеріальних об’єктів
Other Titles: Количественная характеристика названий материальных объектов
Quantitative characteristic of the proper names of tangible objects
Authors: Торчинський, Михайло Миколайович
Torchynskyi, M.M.
Keywords: ономастика;архітектуронім;кількісна характеристика;порейонім;прагматонім;товаронім;хрематонім;architectural names;hrematonym;poreyonym;pragmatonym;tovaronym;quantitative characteristic
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Торчинський М. М. Кількісна характеристика власних назв матеріальних об’єктів / М. М. Торчинський // Записки з українського мовознавства : зб. наук. пр. – Одеса, 2019. – Вип. 26, т. 1. – С. 171-180.
Abstract: У статті з’ясовано, що загальна кількість прагматонімів становить 2 006 000, проте лише 70 000 можуть функціонувати як одиниці мови. Найбільше засвідчено власних назв будинків і подібних споруд (1 260 000), товарів (300 000) і окремих предметів (260 000).
В статье установлено, что общее количество прагматонимов составляет 2 006 000, однако только 70 000 могут функционировать как единицы языка. Больше всего засвидетельствовано наименований домов и подобных сооружений (1 260 000), товаров (300 000) и отдельных предметов (260 000).
The article defines the approximate number of tangible objects – pragmatonyms. In this case number of features are taken into account: 1) we differentiated the nominations, verified in the language, among which there are a lot of outdated words, that are practically not used by the current speakers, and the names that are common in spoken language; 2) the dynamics of onomasticon is determined on the basis of the analysis of numerous works, which described different levels of the onymic vocabulary; 3) the chronological index is used for certain categories of proprietary units; it allows you to take into account the number of onyms that existed in previous years, decades and even centuries; 4) the phenomena of polysemy, homonymy and synonymy, which appear in the onomastics in a peculiar way, are taken into account; 5) not only Ukrainian pragmatonyms, but also toponyms borrowed from other languages that people are actively using in Ukraine are recorded; 6) the number of components of the Ukrainian pragmatonyms has been determined separately, the number of the whole set of the proper names of tangible objects is clarified later. Calculations were made on the basis of denotatively-nominative systematization of proprietary units. According to this systematization this onym field include: 1) architectural names are the proper names of buildings and other structures (1 420 000 total, of which 55 000 nominations can be attributed to the sphere of language); 2) hrematonyms – nominations of individual objects (26 000 total, of which 10 000 are confirmed in the language); 3) poreyonyms – the proper names of vehicles (26 000 total, of which only dozens of nominations function in the language); 4) tovaronyms – the proper names of objects intended for sale or exchange (300 000 total, of which no more than 4 000 nominations can be attributed to the sphere of language). It has been established that the total number of pragmatonyms is 2 006 000, but only 70 000 of them can function as a unit of language.
UDC: 811.161.2:81’373.2
Content type: Стаття
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