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Title: A prestressed elastic strip with elastic reinforcements
Authors: Діхтярук, Микола Миколайович
Рудницький, В‘ячеслав Броніславович
Dikhtyaruk, N.N.
Rudnitskii, V.B.
Keywords: контактна задача
Issue Date: Nov-2002
Citation: Rudnitskii V. B. A prestressed elastic strip with elastic reinforcements / V. B. Rudnitskii, N. N. Dikhtyaruk // International Applied Mechanics. – 2002. – Vol. 38, No. 11. – P. 1354-1355.
Abstract: A contact problem is studied for a prestressed elastic strip with an elastic reinforcement. The integral Fourier transform is used to construct an influence function for an infinite strip with one face fixed. A unit concentrated force is applied to the strip at an arbitrary angle. The contact problem on force transfer from a thin infinite stringer to the prestressed strip is solved. The problem is mathematically formulated as a system of integro-differential equations for the unknown contact stresses on the assumption that the beam bending model and the uniaxial stress model are valid for the stringer, which is subjected to both vertical and horizontal forces. This system is solved in a closed form using the integral Fourier transform. The contact stresses are expressed in terms of Fourier integrals in a quite simple form. The influence of the initial stresses on the contact stress distribution is analyzed, and effects of concentrated load are revealed.
UDC: 239.2
metadata.dc.type: Стаття
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