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Title: Процес аналізу та оцінки ризиків підприємств зернопродуктового підкомплексу
Other Titles: The process of analysis and assessment of enterprises risk in the grain product subcomplex
Authors: Васильківський, Дмитро Миколайович
Vasylkivskyi, D.M.
Keywords: ризик;зернопродуктовий підкомплекс;управління;чинники;аналіз;методи оцінки;risk;grain product subcomplex;management;factors;analysis;estimation method
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Харківський національний аграрний університет імені В. В. Докучаєва
Citation: Васильківський Д. М. Процес аналізу та оцінки ризиків підприємств зернопродуктового підкомплексу / Д. М. Васильківський // Вісник ХНАУ. Серія: Економічні науки : зб. наук. пр. / Харк. нац. аграр. ун-т ім. В. В. Докучаєва. – Харків, 2018. – № 2. – С. 37-46.
Abstract: В статті обґрунтовано комплекс процедур з оцінки ризику сільськогосподарського підприємства. Проаналізовано основні методи оцінки ризиків. Систематизовано фактори ризику, що впливають на діяльність підприємств зернопродуктового підкомплексу.
The article substantiates the complex of procedures for assessing the risk of an agricultural enterprise. It is determined that the assessment is based on a comprehensive study of the company's activities and the environment of its functioning, analysis of external and internal risk factors, determination of indicators of risk assessment. The author has investigated that accumulated experience o f investment activity in the economy in general, and in agriculture in particular is not enough in domestic practice. It is proved that the choice of the method of risk assessment depends on the category, which includes the identified risk factors and the availability of statistical information. The main methods of risk assessment are analyzed. Statistical methods are considered in connection with the emergence of zones and limits of risk. Points that determine the level of losses and the probability of occ urrence of these losses, are described by means of statistical analysis of a rather large array of data. The application of the concept of risk measurement, based on the classical principles of statistical probability, which assume the possibility of unres tricted repetition of similar events in the same or similar conditions is limited. It is proposed to formulate a generalized quantitative risk assessment of the economic project taking into account all its participants, each of which initially evaluates th e risks of individual results and alternatives. The risk factors influencing the activity of enterprises of the grain product subcomplex are systematized.
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