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dc.contributor.authorChumakov, Vladimir-
dc.contributor.authorTaranchuk, Alla-
dc.contributor.authorMichan, Victor-
dc.contributor.authorStetsiuk, Victor-
dc.identifier.citationA New Technology of Bactericidal Processing of Koch’s Bacillus on the Basis of Pulsed Electromagnetic Radiation / V. Chumakov, A. Taranchuk, V. Stetsiuk, V. Michan // 2018 IEEE 38th International Conference on electronics and nanotechnology (ELNANO-2018) : conference proceeding, April 24-26, 2018. – Kyiv, 2018. – P. 271-276.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractThe technology of bactericidal and sterilizing processing of Koch’s Bacillus on the basis of pulsed electromagnetic ultraviolet (UV) radiation has been proposed. This technology is based on the pulse method of bactericidal processing of objects with low-temperature plasma using pulse sterilizer developed by the authors. The mathematical model of generating broadband pulsed radiation by the source of powerful optical radiation, based on the technique of charged particles accelerator, has been developed. The structure of the electromagnetic radiation source of the high-intensity optical range has been presented. The research of the bactericidal effect of pulsed UV radiation on Koch’s bacillus has been conducted.uk_UA
dc.subjectPulsed Electromagnetic Radiationuk_UA
dc.subjectcapacitive storageuk_UA
dc.subjectmagneto-plasma compressoruk_UA
dc.subjecthard ultravioletuk_UA
dc.subjectpulse sterilizeruk_UA
dc.subjectbiomedical technologiesuk_UA
dc.subjectbactericidal and sterilizing processinuk_UA
dc.subjectKoch’s bacillusuk_UA
dc.titleA New Technology of Bactericidal Processing of Koch’s Bacillus on the Basis of Pulsed Electromagnetic Radiationuk_UA
dc.title.alternativeНова технологія бактерицидної обробки бактерій Коха на основі імпульсного електромагнітного випромінюванняuk_UA
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