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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
265_BorLiuMelnyk_en.pdf.jpg2020Application of computer simulation and analysis to professional educationBorovyk, Liudmyla Volodymyrivna; Rudyk, Oleksandr Yuhymovych; Melnyk, Yaroslav Igorovych
267_BorO_en.pdf.jpg2020Application of ICT for the development of the diagnostic stand of gear-boxes and anchorman bridges of vehiclesBorovyk, Oleh Vasyliovych; Rudyk, Oleksandr Yuhymovych; Pazii, Maxym Olexandrovych
269_WayScience160220.pdf.jpg2020The use of computers in scientific researchRudyk, Oleksandr Yuhymovych; Vasyura, Yurii Yuriiovych
266_BorO_en.pdf.jpg2020Implementation in the educational process of the SolidWorks SimulationBorovyk, Oleh Vasyliovych; Rudyk, Oleksandr Yuhymovych; Ganovskyi, Vadym Mykhailovych
277_Sofia130320_Maz509_MistZad_ShVe3_en1.pdf.jpg2020Computer simulation of driven cog-wheel of back bridge MAZ carRudyk, Oleksandr Yuhymovych; Olianskyi, Oleg Yurievych; Mosyondz, Andrii Olexandrovych
275_Lviv20.pdf.jpg2020Computer simulation of the tensely-deformed condition of a screw support trailersRudyk, Oleksandr Yuhymovych; Maslovskyi, Oleksandr Oleksandrovych; Zherebetskyi, Sergii Sergiyovych
276_Liverpool060320.pdf.jpg2020Optimization of the steering bipod of the vehicleRudyk, Oleksandr Yuhymovych; Gerega, Vitalii Vitaliyovych; Tymchenko, Nazarii Ruslanovych
264_Barselona20_Gonchar_en.pdf.jpg2020The impact of the SolidWorks Simulation network quality on the accuracy of the calculationsRudyk, Oleksandr Yuhymovych; Gonchar, Volodymyr Antonovych
2021-05Computer simulation of the electrohydraulic lift with the help SolidWorks SimulationRudyk, Oleksandr Yuhymovych; Shepilo, Oleksandr Vitaliyovych
2021-03Using SolidWorks to calculate of a tractors bearing pullerRudyk, Oleksandr Yuhymovych; Homich, Maksym Oleksandrovych; Seredyuk, Vasyl Viktorovych