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Title: Фактори впливу на процес формування організаційної культури підприємства
Other Titles: Factors of influence on the formation of the organizational culture of the enterprise
Authors: Білецька, О.О.
Biletskaya, А.А.
Keywords: організаційна культура;внутрішнє середовище;зовнішнє середовище;organizational culture;internal environment;external environment
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Хмельницький національний університет
Citation: Білецька, О. О. Фактори впливу на процес формування організаційної культури підприємства [Текст] / О. О. Білецька // Вісник Хмельницького національного університету. Економічні науки. – 2014. – № 4, т. 2. – С. 85-88.
Abstract: В статті проаналізовано теоретичні підходи та наведено результати досліджень стосовно процесу формування організаційної культури на підприємстві. Висвітлено основні фактори, що впливають на рівень організаційної культури на підприємстві.
Market and social transformation in Ukraine will not be successful unless radical changes take place not at the microeconomic level, key production link. Making such drastic measures as change of ownership, monopolization of economy, creation of market infrastructure, yet does not automatically solve a broad range of issues related to the ordering activity. We need decisive action, considerable effort, careful organization work to bring industrial relations at the micro level in line with macroeconomic changes. The main objective of the study is to analyze the process of organizational culture in the company and on its basis the development of theoretical and methodological approaches to improving and determination of factors that influence this process. Like any system, organizational culture consists of a set of interrelated elements. According to which the needs, expectations, information, resources, got now at the door, are processed under the influence of external environment and internal components of the enterprise, which is the only system processes, components, functions, tooling equipment and more, the output is a product that reflects the culture business establishment. The external environment has a significant impact on the organizational culture of the company, however, as practice shows, two organizations that operate in the same environment can have a culture significantly different from each other. Among the totality of factors on organizational culture have the greatest influence: national, identity manager, stage of the life cycle of an enterprise, line of business, the degree of competence of staff, size of the company. Consideration of these factors will greatly improve the effectiveness of management activities and create a social basis for further development of the organizational culture of the company.
ISSN: 2307-5740
UDC: 005.73:658 (477)
Content type: Стаття
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