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Title: Professional Training of Economists in the USA
Authors: Rudnitska, Kateryna Valeriyivna
Keywords: higher education;curriculum;Bachelor’ degree;Master’s degree;undergraduate;economist;professional training in economics;economic development;major courses
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Хмельницький національний університет
Citation: Rudnitska K. V. Professional training of economists in the USA / Kateryna Rudnitska // Comparative Professional Pedagogy: Scientific Journal [Chief. Ed. N. M. Bidyuk]. – Kyiv-Khmelnytskyi: Khnu, 2014. – Volume 4, Issue 4. – P. 86–90.
Abstract: The article deals with the peculiarities of American professional undergraduate and graduate training in economics. The analysis of documents, scientific and educational literature demonstrates the diversity of the US training courses and combinations of disciplines in economics. It has been defined that leading position of the USA in the world and its impact on the economic life of other countries has predetermined the development of the internationalization of economic education at the undergraduate and graduate level: by offering courses in International Economics as well as introductory programs for international Internships for students and teachers. The program of study in economics provides various forms of learning, number of major, minor and elective courses. It has been determined that economics majors include variety of courses ,ranging from those which are intensely mathematical like Principles of Economics, Microeconomic, Macroeconomics and Econometrics, to more philosophical courses like History of Economic Thought. Moreover, courses in Survey Design, Political Science and Computer Science are also highly recommended and essential for future success. In order to achieve the objectives in economists’ training in high school a system of new methods, means and approaches (“Chalk and Talk”, ”Proficiency Approach”, “Peaconomics”, “Writing Intensive”)are used to stimulate and motivate students to cognitive functions. The educational process and control by teachers through traditional and innovative techniques provides effective feedback.
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