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Title: World experience of economic reforms and possibility of their realization in Ukraine
Authors: Dykha, M.V.
Keywords: economic reform;economic reforms of the countries of Central and Eastern;economics of Ukraine;investment climate of Ukraine;the modern economy;GDP growth;the human potential development;the direction of economic reforms in Ukraine
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Dykha M. World experience of economic reforms and possibility of their realization in Ukraine / M. Dykha // Platzbestimmung Osteuropas in der sozio-okonomischen Globalisierung. – Berlin : Forschungsinstitut der Internationalen Wissenschaftlichen Vereinigung Weltwirtschaft und Weltpolitik, 2013. – P. 227–239.
Abstract: The article is devoted to the most important directions of reforms in Central and Eastern Europe. The modern state of economy of Ukraine is considered in the article. Criteria of successful economic reforms are allocated: compliance to long-term interests of the country takes into account a universal vector of development, adequacy of reforms to social conditions, and the accounting of social interests of the majority of the population. Priority directions of development of Ukraine are certain.
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