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Title: Use labview for research quality of polymer coatings
Authors: Horiashchenko, Serhiy
Golinka, Evgenija
Keywords: labview;control;polimer
Issue Date: 3-Jun-2014
Publisher: Widavwnictwa Uczelniane Universytetu Technologiczno-Przyrodniczego w Bydgoszcz
Citation: Horiashchenko S. Use labview for research quality of polymer coatings / S. Horiashchenko, E. Golinka // Komputerowe wspomaganie nauki i techniki CAX: praca zbiorowa / pod redakcja : T. Mkolajczyka, R. Polasika ; Wydawnictwa Uczelniane Uniwersytetu Technologiczno-Przyrodniczego. – Bydgoszcz, 2014. – T. 3. – S. 109-114.
Abstract: In the article the method of determining the quality of polymer coating on textile items. The main factors that affect the quality of the polymer layer. Equipment performs manufacturing operations with certain accuracy. Therefore, determining the quality of the final result is always important. Especially then we consider the process of polymer coatings on parts of light industry. We propose use the sensor. This sensor includes a semiconductor laser for generating radiation in the visible range, which is focused by a lens controllable item. The device also includes a reception sensor optics forming on LCD- line image of the spot light scattered by the workpiece and the microcontroller can handle data with LCD- line and sends them to the output connector. For processing the results of the sensor, we have developed a software for controlling laser profilometer with using LabView.
ISBN: 978-83-64235-24-5
Content type: Глава з книги
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