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Title: Bifurcation model of successions in ecosystems
Authors: Ruzich, Roman Vasylovych
Chernyshenko, Serge Viktorovych
Keywords: succession;biogeocoenose;system of ordinary differential equations;bifurcation
Issue Date: May-2013
Publisher: Digitaldruck Pirrot
Citation: Chernyshenko S.V. Bifurcation Model of Successions in Ecosystems / S.V. Chernyshenko,R.V. Ruzich // ECMS 2013, 27-th european conference on modelling and simulation, May 27th-30th, 2013. – Dudweiler : Digitaldruck Pirrot, 2013. – Р. 769-774.
Abstract: Models of the long-term ecological successions are considered. Succession process is considered as step-bystep changing of dominant association. The model of open Eigen’s hypercycle has been used for modeling of the process. Qualitative analysis for three-dimension case has been carried out, and local bifurcations have been investigated. The process of succession can be interpreted as system’s choosing a proper level of complexity (or dimension) depending on the capacity of environment (the size of ecological niche). Connections between changing a state of the system and bifurcations in phase space is shown.
UDC: 517.9
Content type: Стаття
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