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Title: Intelligence Method of Software Quality Evaluation and Prediction
Authors: Поморова, Оксана Вікторівна
Говорущенко, Тетяна Олександрівна
Keywords: Якість програмного забезпечення;software, software metric, Safety Case methodology, artificial neural network.
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Хмельницький
Citation: Pomorova, О. Intelligence method of software quality evaluation and prediction / О. Pomorov, Т. Hovorushchenko // Scientific basis of modern technology: experience and prospects : monograph / ed. Y. I. Shalapko, L. A. Dobrzanski. – Jaremche, 2011. – P. 92-104.
Abstract: Research is dedicated to development of artificial neural net's method of software quality evaluation and prediction, which provides the realization of comparative analysis of different project versions and selection of the best of them accordance its characteristics on the basis of design stage metrics analysis.
Content type: Стаття
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