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Title: Peculiarities of bilingualism and second language learning
Authors: Mamchych, Kateryna
Tarasova, Olga
Keywords: bilingualism;international language of communication;cognitive processes
Issue Date: 24-Jan-2021
Publisher: Міжнародний центр науки і досліджень
Citation: Mamchych K., Tarasova O. Peculiarities of bilingualism and second language learning / K. Mamchych, O. Tarasova // Потенціал сучасної науки : матеріали V Міжнар. наук.-практ. конф., м. Київ, 23-24 січ. 2021 р. – Київ : МЦНіД, 2021. – Ч. 2. – С. 26-28.
Abstract: The phenomenon of bilingualism is widespread around the world, especially in countries with high intensity of migration processes. Alleged that, a large percentage of bilinguals live in border areas. Usually, the issue of bilingualism is of national importance in countries where a large part of the population does not speak the state language (USA – Spanish and English; Canada – French and English; Ukraine – Ukrainian and Russian).
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