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Title: Стильові домінанти роману Оксани Керч «Наречений»
Other Titles: Stylistic dominants of Oksana Kerch’s Novel «Narecheny»
Authors: Приймак, І.В.
Priymak, I.
Keywords: неоромантизм;психологізм;художня проза;роман;літературний процес;neoromantism;psychologism;аrtistic prose;novel;literary process
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Хмельницький національний університет
Citation: Приймак І. В. Стильові домінанти роману Оксани Керч «Наречений» / І. В. Приймак // Актуальні проблеми філології та перекладознавства : зб. наук. пр. – Хмельницький : ХНУ, 2020. – Вип. 19. – С. 89–92.
Abstract: У статті досліджується тяглість неоромантичної традиції, яскраво представленої у творчому доробку О. Кобилянської, у літературній спадщині Оксани Керч. Мистецька діяльність письменниці розглядається в контексті західноукраїнського літературного процесу міжвоєнного періоду, зосереджується увага на неоромантичних мотивах як домінантних у романі «Наречений».
The article examines the work of Oksana Kerch – a representative of the literary process of the interwar period in Halychyna. Her work is considered in relation to the general artistic trends of the day, in particular in terms of stylistic features of the writer's prose. For a long time, her work, removed from the cultural process, was on the margins of literary criticism. Although Oksana Kerch's prose is unknown to the general public, her artistic heritage is original and distinctive. At one time, the writer's works were published on the pages of well-known periodicals, such as "Women's Fate", "Nova hata", "Ukrainian News", and were published in separate prints. The return of the artistic figure of Oksana Kerch to the all-Ukrainian literary process necessitated a comprehensive study of her creative heritage. In particular, it is important to consider the genre and style specifics of the writer's novels. The novel "The Groom" is bright and original in the writer's artistic work. In this novel the author recreates the dramatic events of the interwar decades in Halychyna. A notable feature of the work is autobiography – the writer herself witnessed those turbulent events of the struggle of Ukrainian patriotic youth for their national identity. The novel consists of twenty-one stories. The four main characters take turns telling about the life of military and interwar Lviv and its inhabitants. On the printed pages, the author created a unique figurative world that reflected the conflicts of the era. In the novel, Oksana Kerch recreates the environment in which the ideas of the national liberation movement are born, and through the perception of her own national identity, she models neo-romantic ideals on her way to serve the native people. The neo-romantic concept is vividly embodied in the pages of the work. Here the author continues the tradition that has developed in Ukrainian neo-romanticism – the dominance of the theme of Ukraine, the struggle for its independence.
ISSN: 2415-7929
UDC: 821.161.2-82-3
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